Finished the race!

Last Saturday, my wife and I competed in the Savannah, GA 1/2 Marathon. It was a great event in that beautiful city! We had a few pre-race setbacks, when Casper had to be put in a walking boot due to a stress fracture in her foot a few weeks before the race. She got permission to take the boot off to do the race and then right back into it. Due to that, she asked me if I would walk the race with her instead of running it. Along the way I learned some valuable things.

1. Many people take off like madmen at the start…and then our walking pace passed them later in the race.

2. Finishing still felt good!

3. In order to finish, one has to start!

4. There is great room for improvement no matter what race we are in.

I thought those points apply to life as much as to running races. Get started…then persevere to the finish!

4 Responses to “Finished the race!”

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    Great! Thanks for the share!

  3. Leslie Brown

    Excellent thoughts! It’s good to be reminded that the speed at which we run the race of life is not the most important thing. What is important is that we start and persevere, continually striving to get better as we go along.

  4. Kelle Arnspiger

    Thank you for your blog! I really respect what you’re posting here.